l'Afrique Danse No 2 - Various Artists,african 360.002 MP3/Flac


Somewhere around a year ago, I had some trouble with Rapidshare, they

kept deleting my files untill I got tired and quitt using them. From then I

just use Mediafire. They never deleted one of my precious files. Some of my

posts also got lost in those days and this is one of them. I somehow forgot

to re-up this LP. A good moment to post it oncemore, enjoy it.


1 Rochereau - Pole m'ze

2 Rochereau - Mokolo nakokufa

3 Kalle, Papa Noel - Moselebende too bolingo

4 Rochereau - Likala ya moto

5 Rochereau - Bana ya lipolo

6 Rochereau - Savon Omo

7 Rochereau - Nganda ya diallo

8 Jean Bokelo - Mwambe no 4 de Jean Bokelo

9 Jean Bokelo - Camarade ya nooki

10 Orchestre Los Angel - Sekele emonani

11 Orchestre Los Angel - Retroussons les manches