Franco & OK Jazz - Ok Jazz vol. 1&2,PathГ© Marconi, EMI 1977 MP3/Flac




After the first double year, I now post the first double album.

I kept it waiting for this special occasion and today is the day.

With songs by some of the greatest composers of their days,

such as De La Lune, Vicky, Youlou Gilbert, De Wayon and

Simarro, see backsleeve for details. Confusing is the fact that

cover speaks of a re-edition from 1977 while the first LP's label

says 1965 and the second LP's label, 1976. I am no specialist

but these songs must be from the sixties, right? Anyone to clear

things up? One thing I do know, damn beautiful.

tracks part one;

1 Masumbuku

2 Nakobanza cherie

3 Matinda

4 Course au pouvoir

5 Obimi m'bwe

6 Vincent

7 Na Congo na zali refugie te

8 Cesar aboya yo

9 Est ce que oyebaka

10 Mivais temoin

11 Tango na zalaki somele

12 Allince mode sucees

13 Tongo se elangisa


tracks part two;

1 Cherie Lovy

2 Gare a toi Marie

3 Nakozela mama azonga

4 Ah bolingo pasi

5 N'dima n'gai

6 Nalingi na bina

7 Masua emani

8 Zuani naweli kitayele
9 Katherine

10 Zuana na bala na mbonso

11 Dit Laurence

12 Faitail akossi n'gai