La "Mus". Africa,Sacodis 197? MP3/Flac


Let's extend that partyfeeling a bit more, it's a good thing these

slices of pie can stand a little waiting. They only get more tasty

after a while. Take this here LP, another one for the Sacodis list

Bo. You know I'm a good recordhunter but a lousy writer, I envy

guys like my collegue Stefan who can really tell you something

useful about the matter. I found this real nice album in a treasure-

box with some brothers and sisters and it's like nobody has ever

taken it from it's sleeve, it spins like a new one and holding that

heavy carton cover always makes me real happy.

Cheers Folks !


1 Atanazaudo kombo nangai

2 Marica

3 Kesse

4 Mobali yakoloba