Kyeremateng Stars - Nkrabea,Ambassador MP3/Flac


One of Ghana's finest highlife groups is this one. I found some

terrific LP's by them on that last fair. The music is fantastic but

the information is confusing. Some of the titles on the label of this

album match the sleeve, some don't. I have given the Mp3's the names

from the label and give you both underneath this article. I have the feeling

it is the right album but am not sure, can anyone shine a light on this

matter? I read in a comment at Worldservice, 'Nkrabea' means 'faith',

now I am not very religious myself but faith is something we all can use.

Listen to Kyeremateng Atwedie and his Kyeremateng Stars.


1 Mafura kyenkyen hunu

2 Nkrabea

3 Yepae afasie a pra ada

4 Saa na etie

5 Otanfo na aden koraa

6 Se wone me betena a

sleeve tracks;

1 Hwe dee mawie

2 Nkrabea

3 Yepae afasee a pra ada

4 Eye ampa

5 Kakani

6 Nokware nkoaa