GuinГ©e, An XI - Various Artists,Editions Syliphone Conakry MP3/Flac



Although old and not at all in mint condition, this is an LP

I keep playing. It contains only 7 songs, and my stylus

jumps over a couple of holes in the road along the way.

Still, I have to put it on again,.. and again. I found a video at

Youtube that accompanies it very well. The last track from this

slice of vinyl,'Sara', but not by Balla. Performed by le Syli-orchestre

at the first Festival Culturel Panafricain ГЎ Alger.

Thanks to Worldservice.


1 Bembeya Jazz National - Alalake

2 Balla & ses Balladins - Limania

3 KГ©lГ©tigui et ses Tambourinis - Toubaka

4 Bembeya Jazz National - Boiro

5 KГ©lГ©tigui et ses Tambourinis - Manghoya

6 Bembeya Jazz National - Fatoumata

7 Balla & ses Balladins - Sara "70"