l'Afrique Danse avec l'Orchestre Bella-Bella & Soki Vangu,african 360.093, 1976 MP3/Flac


When I saw this video at Youtube, I knew what to post today.

Orchestre Bella Bella & Soki Vangu. What a great match.

Both record and video are very nice, I love the way those four

up front are dancing, completely loose. Pure joy to

see and hear this group perform, feast upon this.

PS the last track sounds quite crispy although it

looks brandnew, track 4 same thing, looks perfect but

seems to jump a couple of times. Maybe it's the recording.


1 Pambi ndoni

2 Yakani

3 Mea culpa

4 Nzingi zong

5 Zamba

6 Nakomi moto