l'Incomparable Gerard Kazembe et son Orchestre Jambo-Jambo -l'Afrique Danse, african 360.033, 1971 MP3/Flac



Slowly and bit by bit the african 360.000 list is growing to a

hopeful completion some fine day. This is no 33 or 360.033

as you wish, a quite funny LP. The first 5 songs are Congolese,

and sung in Lingala. But when you turn the album and start track

6 and 7, you're in for the big surprise. Suddenly you think you're

listening to someone else. Two songs in English, then two in French,

and it ends with a rock and roll song. Something one doesn't really

expect behind a sleeve like this one. Originally it looked like the

small picture shown. Crazy to hear,...."only youГіuГіu..."

Hey ba be rebol..ha,ha,ha


1 Nsele paradis ya Congo

2 Basantu ba temoin

3 Naboy greve

4 Yo motema

5 Lipate ya bolingo

6 Only you

7 The great pretender

8 Adieu jolie Candy

9 Wight is Wight

10 Hey ba be rebol