Les Grands Succes des Editions VГ©vГ©, Vol. 5 -Various Artists, Sonafric 1978 MP3/Flac


The Grands Succes des Editions VГ©vГ© series is a real

treasure chest. On this volume 5 we find some Orchestre

Kamale with among others 'Nyboma'. The other 4 tracks

go by the name of Mulamba Panya and Orchestre African

Team. All tracks directed by Verckys.

Don't you think track 5 is about this blog ?


1 Orchestre Kamale - Abissina

2 Orchestre Kamale - Masua

3 Orchestre African Team - Ma Vicky yee zozo

4 Orchestre African Team - Monsieur Largent

5 Orchestre African Team - Mpo na G.G. mawa

6 Orchestre African Team - Essous spiritou