Etta James - Tuff Lover,ACE 1983 MP3/Flac


Let's stir the place up a bit. R&B today means a kind of music,

with all respect, not for me. Back in the old days, R&B would stand

for rhythm and blues, honest stuff with stunning instrumentation and

mindblowing voices. Such as this one, if you speak of a woman with

bollocks in her voice, this is her. Etta James, although quite light

coloured and with blond hair, she has a fat black sound like no one has.

Bluesy, New Orleans based rock and roll with crazy saxophones and

Etta's unique way of singing. check track #2 in which she has

a conversation with a talking sax, greatly performed by Harold Battiste.

It's all recorded in the 50's, over half a century ago, don't you just love it?


1 Tough lover

2 The pick-up

3 By the light of the silvery moon

4 Fools we mortals be

5 Come what may

6 Dance with me Henry

7 Good lookin'

8 Tears of joy

9 Shortnin' bread rock

10 Baby, baby, every night

11 Then I'll care

12 Market place