Compilation: Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation MP3/Flac

I'm usually not one to endorse super cheesy stoner rock gimmicks, but this compilation is actually really good and satisfying even for seasoned fans of the genre since it includes a bunch of lesser known bands and not just your typical Sleep/Electric Wizard/Bongzilla grouping. I'm also posting this becuase 420 was yesterday and I completely forgot about it until now, but I guess I celebrated in my own way by mashing Black Sabbath albums at work all day long. HIGH ON THE RIFF, NOT THE WHIFF!

1. Crowbar - Dream Weaver
2. Los Natas - Alohawaii
3. Supafuzz - Mr. Policeman
4. Sixty Watt Shaman - Southern Gentleman
5. Murder 1 - Whole Lotta Rosie
6. Gunfighter - Anti-Hero
7. Mammoth Volume - Seagull
8. Herbert - Devil's Garden
9. Bakerton Group - Mainstream
10. Sunride - Straightliner
11. Terra Firma - High Horses
12. Mystick Krewe Of Clearlite - Railhead
13. Rotors To Rust - Canaan