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Geordie were a glam rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, most notably active in the 1970s.

The original (since February, 1972) line-up included: Vic Malcolm (born Albert Victor Malcolm, 3 December 1946, Newcastle upon Tyne) (lead guitar, vocals), Tom Hill (bass guitar), Brian Gibson (drums) and Brian Johnson (lead vocals), who in 1980 went on to join the Australian hard rock band, AC/DC.

Geordie released their debut album, Hope You Like It, in 1973 on EMI's Regal Zonophone label. Geordie had one UK Top 10 hit, "All Because Of You" (April 1973) and one UK Top 20 hit, "Can You Do It" (July 1973) and several appearances on BBC Television including Top of the Pops in 1972. Geordie split up in 1978 and two years later, in early 1980, former lead singer Brian Johnson became a member of AC/DC, replacing the late Bon Scott. In 2001 Geordie had a one off reunion with their second line up (1977-1980) including former member Johnson (note: AC/DC was on a hiatus at the time, from 2001-2003).

After AC/DC's lead singer, Bon Scott, died in 1980, AC/DC chose Brian Johnson (whose vocal talent had previously been praised by Scott) to take over lead vocal duties. Johnson first appeared with AC/DC on their album, Back In Black.

Geordie regrouped without Johnson and went on to record an album named, No Sweat in 1983 with new singer Rob Turnbull, which did not achieve much success. They later changed their name to Powerhouse and released an eponymous album in 1983 before disbanding indefinitely.[1] They reunited with Johnson for a comeback gig in 2001 during an AC/DC hiatus.

Hill went on to own a chain of fish and chip shops, before selling them and altretiring in 2004. Malcolm currently lives in Cyprus.

A hard rock band from Newcastle, England, Geordie is mostly known for their lead vocalist, Brian Johnson, who would later join AC/DC. In 1972 and 1973, they had a few hits in the U.K., including the number six single "All Because of You" and "Can You Do It," which reached number 13. Their sound was influenced by British rock bands of the day such as Led Zeppelin, as well as some glam stompers, with Johnson's distinctively abrasive singing strongly in evidence.

Geordie guitarist Vic Malcolm had previously recorded with Influence and Yellow before joining U.S.A., which became Geordie before starting to record in 1972. The band kept going until 1976, after which Brian Johnson spent a few years doing sessions until joining AC/DC following the death of their previous singer, Bon Scott. The other members did reform Geordie briefly in 1983, releasing one album, then changing their name to Powerhouse after the departure of Malcolm, and releasing one subsequent LP.

01. Goin' Down
02. House of the Rising Sun
03. So What
04. Mercenary Man
05. Ten Feet Tall
06. Got to Know
07. Little Boy
08. Look at Me
09. I Can't Forget You Now [Bonus]
10. I Can't Give You Up [Bonus]