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The Magician's Birthday is the fifth album released by British rock band Uriah Heep. The story line is "based loosely on a short story" written by Ken Hensley in June and July 1972.

The original vinyl release was a gatefold sleeve, the front of which was designed by Roger Dean. The inner of the gatefold had pictures of the band and the LP itself was housed in a liner which had the lyrics printed on it.

Two songs charted in the United States, "Blind Eye" (#97) and "Sweet Lorraine" (#91). "Spider Woman" reached #13 in Germany. The title track is notable for an extended kazoo improvisation on the melody to "Happy Birthday to You".

The Magician's Birthday was certified Gold by the RIAA on January 22, 1973.

After reaching an international level of success with Demons and Wizards, Uriah Heep continued to build their fan base by knocking out another album of prog-like metal before the year's end. The end result, The Magician's Birthday, is not as consistent or cohesive as Demons and Wizards but still offers plenty of highlights. It starts dramatically with "Sunrise," a spooky power ballad that alternates quiet organ-led verses with an emotional chorus and guitar-fuelled instrumental breaks topped off by David Byron's operatic wail. The remainder of the album divides its time between punchy rockers and spacy balladry before climaxing with another prog-inflected epic. Highlights in the rock arena include "Blind Eye," an acoustic-flavored rocker whose galloping pace is firmly anchored by Gary Thain's melodic bassline, and "Sweet Lorraine," a stomping good-time rocker that adds extra texture to its guitar-driven sound with some spacy synthesizer lines.

As for the quieter moments, "Rain" is a lovely piano ballad that makes surprising and impressive use of a xylophone in its sound and "Echoes in the Dark" is an eerie mid-tempo song that alternates stark piano-led verses with an emotional chorus cemented by Mick Box's searing guitar leads. There is also another multi-part epic in the title track, a prog-ish piece with fantasy themes. It lacks a strong structure (it feels more like three songs grafted together than a true multi-part composition) and succumbs to a bit of aimless jamming in the middle, but it is redeemed by strong hooks in the opening and a spirited performance from the band on its space rock finale. All in all, The Magician's Birthday never quite hits the consistent heights of Look at Yourself or Demons and Wizards but remains a solid listen for Uriah Heep fans.

01."Sunrise" (Hensley) – 4:04
02."Spider Woman" (Box, Byron, Kerslake, Thain) – 2:25
03."Blind Eye" (Hensley) – 3:33
04."Echoes in the Dark" (Hensley) – 4:48
05."Rain" (Hensley) – 3:59
06."Sweet Lorraine" (Box, Byron, Thain) – 4:13
07."Tales" (Hensley) – 4:09
08."The Magician's Birthday" (Box, Hensley, Kerslake) – 10:19

Bonus Tracks:
09."Crystal Ball" (out-take) – 4:08
10."Silver White Man" (vocal out-take version) – 3:40
11."Proud Words" (alternate version) – 3:24
12."Echoes In The Dark" (edit) – 4:23
13."Rain" (edit) – 3:16
14."Happy Birthday" (The Magician's Birthday edit) – 4:44
15."Sunrise" (single edit) – 2:49
16."Gary's Song" (Crystal Ball alternate version) – 4:25
17."Silver White Man" (instrumental out-take) – 3:43

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