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Freaky early '70s psych rock from Japan here folks, as you may know already on account of how we highlighted the reissue of this band's second album on our last list. This one, with a truly hard-to-beat title, was Flied [sic] Egg's debut, released originally in 1972, on Vertigo -- with Flied Egg one of the few, if not only, Japanese acts to appear on the roster of that legendary UK-based label known for proto-metal, jazz-prog and other "hairy funk" delights.

This album dishes such delights all over the place, ranging from the Blue Cheer meets Uriah Heep heaviness of "Rolling Down The Broadway" to the weird choral interlude of "15 Seconds Of Schizophrenic Sabbath" to the classical prog flourishes of "Oke-Kus" (sounding like a warped version of ELP) to the sheer hippie psych-pop lunacy of the title track. And more! All in all, this is quite as crazy as its Dali-esque cover painting indicates. Definitely an essential for our Japanese '70s psych section, and anyone who loves them some acid rock guitar!

Reissue of the first Flied Egg album, originally issued by Japanese Vertigo in 1972. An offshoot of the short-lived Strawberry Path, Flied Egg were a trio of Shigeru Narumo (guitar, keyboards), Hiro Tsunoda (drums, vocals) and Masayoshi Takanaka (bass). They played a hogwash of progressive hard rock with pop-like flourishes all featuring English vocals. Semi namby at times, but the album have a very nice psuedo Dali-cover painting. And what band to ever appear on the Vertigo roster had a better name than Flied Egg?

01. Dr.Siegel`S Fried Egg Shooting Machine
02. Rolling Down The Broadway
03. I Love You
04. Burning Fever
05. Plastic Fantasy
06. 15 Seconds Of Schizophrenic Sabbath
07. I`M Gonna See My Baby Tonight
08. Oke-Kus
09. Someday
10. Guide Me To The Quietness

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