Hulon: First Impressions (2009) MP3/Flac

Dr. Hulon Crayton specializes in Rheumatology by day, and super cool sax playing by night (or anytime that feels right)... the tenor sax man is billed as "jazz music's cool new sensation," and his debut release FIRST IMPRESSIONS verifies this diagnosis. It's got not only Jeff Kashiwa's blessing, but his writing, production, and playing support on both sax and keys! The tasty tracks range from lyrical, mellow and romantic like "Follow Me" and "Cool Blue," to old school on the project's only cover a killer version of War's "Cisco Kid" to festively funky as heard on "Sax on the Beach" and "Sax Machine." The tunes on FIRST IMPRESSIONS are right in the pocket. There's also an exciting bonus track here, a radio interview for you to get better acquainted with the man behind the music. No need for a second opinion, I'm certain that you're going to love Hulon's musical offerings... Bay County, Florida's Hulon is on the fast track to Smooth Jazz stardom! ~Scott O'Brien