Denny Laine - Japanese Tears [1981] MP3/Flac

Having left Wings, Denny Laine finally got around to releasing a proper solo effort, and Japanese Tears does have a certain charm. While with Wings, Laine never got much of a chance to showcase his songs, what with Macca being head honcho and all, and he accumulated many of these cuts while working with that band. Going back as far as 1973, and using the original Wings lineup on a couple of tracks, Laine adds songs here and there along the way in a patchwork quilt sort of way to fill up Japanese Tears. While everything is interesting here, highlights include a re-recording of "Go Now" and the title cut which tells the story of a Japanese fan's reaction to the Wings tour which was canceled when Macca got the boot for possessing an illegal substance. Japanese Tears is a look at one of rock's minor league players done well. [AMG]

Track list;
01 - japanese tears. 3:39
02 - danger zone. 3:11
03 - clock on the wall. 2:22
04 - send me the heart. 3:42
05 - same mistakes. 3:47
06 - silver. 4:04
07 - go now. 3:26
08 - somebody ought to know the way. 3:18
09 - lovers light. 3:05
10 - guess i'm only foolin'. 2:34
11 - nothing to go by. 3:12
12 - i would only smile. 3:26
13 - weep for love. 4:40
14 - say you don't mind. 3:12

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