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I've been after this LP for a while. Well, not really after this one here. David Wescott's "Musical Evocation Of The Old Testament" originally released on french library label MTS. I was so darn happy when I found this affordable copy in the depths of the web because I only had an mp3 of "Across The Jourdan" which really blew me away. When the record finally landed on my player I was quite astonished to hear these great progressive sounds on side A. Quite different from what I knew. Then quick to Side B to finally hear Jourdan in high quality. Hmm, where is it? ........IT'S NOT THERE!

After my disappointment settled a bit I listened to the whole album again and again and I liked it! mmmmh..... maybe just another recording session or a modern version as the cover says, I thought. Recorded the whole thing and when I got to naming the tracks I realized the info given on cover and label do not match the track lenghts at all. I suppose this has nothing to do with the Wescott record but imho it's an amazing record.

The tracks are now named A1, A2, etc as I have no Idea what these are really called nor I do know who is responsible for the music. Maybe Wescott, maybe someone else. If you do know more than I do please enlighten me. If you're curious about the music - a link will appear soonish.


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