Mysticism MP3/Flac


When I found this record I didn't know what to expect. Late Equals, aha. Listened to the 2nd side first (by chance, not out of a habit) and immediately went to ask for the price, as there was no sticker attached to it. After the shock I thought: "ok just listen to the other side before you put it back" and damn that was a mistake! Maybe not..... I heard Mystic Syster and in a flash I was completely up up an away, nodding the head like no good. It's raw and powerful ... and man those synth rhythms : ) After a couple of spins at home I understood why this is in so many wantlists, there's hardly a weak moment on the lp.

More info on and a nice little link on request


PS. We'll have a wonderful guest-mix by one of my favourite DJs coming up very soon. Relaxed summer vibes for your precious ears!

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