Denny Doherty - Watcha' Gonna Do [1971] MP3/Flac

Denny Doherty, the voice of numerous Mamas & Papas hits such as "California Dreamin,'" and "Monday, Monday," has been one of the greatest and most underrated lead vocalists of the rock era. While he had not completely explored the area of songwriting during his fame with the Mamas & Papas, he was the one member of the group who was truly at loose ends by the groups' demise in the late 1960s. This, his fist solo album, while perhaps a contractual obligation, has numerous charms. The record has a loose, party-in -the-studio feel, and much of that adds to the overall effect of this slightly country-oriented platter. Tracks such as "Gathering of the Words" and "Don't You Be Fooled" are quite remarkable, and show Doherty to be a sensitive artist in the singer-songwriter vein. A remake of ""Got a Feelin'" features Doherty's world class talent as a vocalist as well. The album's closer, a medley of "Here Comes the Sun" and "The Two of Us" ends the record in grand style, with Jimmy Haskall's exquisite string arrangement taking the listener into a wonderful and warm place. [AMG]

Track list;
01 Watcha' Gonna Do. 2:23
02 Neighbors. 3:48
03 Gathering The Words. 4:11
04 Don't You Be Fooled. 2:45
05 Got A Feelin'. 3:25
06 Tuesday Morning. 4:45
07 Still Can't Her The Music. 2:53
08 Hey Good Looking. 1:45
09 The Drummer's Song. 3:17
10 Here Comes The Sun. 5:40

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