The Bats - How Pop Can You Get? [1982, Vinyl] MP3/Flac

How Pop Can You Get? was the only album by The Bats.
Members were Jon Brion, Bill Murphy and Don "Riff" Fertman.
It was recorded in New Haven and West Haven, Connecticut and released on the Gustav label (Gustav UA1001) in the fall of 1982.
Called "The Pop(ulist) album of the Year" by Op Magazine: The Lost Music network, the record received much critical acclaim and was even a Billboard Magazine "Recommended LP" when reviewed in the October 2, 1982 issue. The album, however, ultimately failed to chart. [Wikipedia]

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Track list;
01 - Chauve-Souris.
02 - How Pop Can You Get.
03 - Not Easy For Me.
04 - Will She Ever Come Around.
05 - Mr. Peculiar.
06 - Living in Alaska.
07 - Not My Girl Anymore.
08 - Something Ventured.
09 - Hey Teen-Age.
10 - Why Does Suzy Have Bad Dreams.
11 - Paranoid Schizophrenic.
12 - Every Night.
13 - Too Out - Bottom of the Ninth.

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