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The Wirtschaftswunder, sometimes simply called Wirtschaftswunder, was a German band consisting of musicians Angelo Galizia (vocals, Italy), Tom Dokoupil (guitar, Czecholovakia), Mark Pfurtschneller (keyboards, Canada) and JГјrgen Beuth (drums, Germany).They were part of the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle that emerged as part of the English New Wave/ post punk movement in the early 1980s and included bands such as D.A.F, Malaria!, or ZK (predecessor of Die Toten Hosen). They entered the national arena with their single "Der Komissar" (based on a German criminal TV series from the 1960s) and released their first album (Salmobray) in 1981. Their most characteristic feature was Angelo Galizia's singing with a heavy Italian accent. After signing with label Deutsche Grammophon, they released their 2nd album (The Wirtschaftswunder), which was not as experimental as the first. After their 3rd album in the same year and their final single in 1984 they dissolved. The Wirtschaftswunder was released on vinyl by Polydor (2372 110) in 1982.

  1. Mutter Und Vater
  2. KopfgeldjГ¤ger 
  3. Mach Dir Das Leben Schön
  4. Rate Mal 
  5. Tapetto Magico
  6. La Belle Et La BГЄte 
  7. Erste Hilfe
  8. Der GroГџe Mafioso
  9. Madame X 
  10. Junge Leute
  11. Wildes Tier 
  12. Die Parade
  13. Das WeiГџe Pferd 
  14. Big Men  
  15. Zuviel

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