Trippa - Sorry (2007) MP3/Flac


Trippa was a short-lived Welsh band, fronted by Christina Booth (previously known as Christina Murphy) and Rob Reed, both now heading the progressive rock band Magenta. In October 2007, Trippa released their long awaited 'debut' album Sorry. The album contains all four tracks from the original Trippa EP (1999) plus 13 previously unreleased songs recorded from 1995-2000. Christina's vocal clarity and tremendous power heard across a wide range of Magenta's tracks is already evident here. The classic rock album has a wide range of influences with a variety of straight rock, pop, electronica, funk and John Barryesque Bond Theme.

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: English
Runtime: 60:31
Genre: Classic/Alternative Rock
Quality: 224 Kbps
Official website:

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