Gale Garnett and The Gentle Reign - An Audience with the King of Wands (1968) MP3/Flac


"Best known for her 1963 hit We’ll Sing In The Sunshine and a film and TV career including recent outings such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Gale Garnett’s time fronting The Gentle Reign remains the most eccentric entry in her resumé. In 1968 Garnett left her folk roots behind, embarking on a whole new direction and recruiting The Gentle Reign to back her timely foray into the world of psych-rock. The results were these two offbeat and largely forgotten late 60s albums for CBS, which survive as bona fide collectors’ items from Haight Ashbury’s heyday. Sporting a vocal style that alternates somewhere between Bobbie Gentry and Grace Slick, Garnett and friends turn out an eclectic mix of styles on both albums that effortlessly move between trippy psych, folk-rock, rootsy pop and most points inbetween. " (Record Collector review)

Basic information:
Origin: alt
Language: English
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
CD reissue: 2008
Quality: 256 Kbps
Official website: NA

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