Act 1 - Act 1 (Remastered 2007 UK Reissue) (1974) MP3/Flac

An obscure soul group, but a great one -- equally at home with a fragile harmony tune as they were with more uptempo groovers for the dancefloor! This one and only album from Act One is a perfect illustration of the best two sides of the east coast indie soul scene of the early 70s -- because some tunes are spare, simple, and heartbreaking -- really building off the best qualities of 60s harmony soul, but with a lot more sophistication -- while others are bolder, more upbeat, and positive -- really using the new studio modes of the time to send a few tunes really over the top! The mix is quite similar to Black Ivory at their best -- although the album's more under-discovered treasure -- and although it's the only record ever by the group, it's got a solidity that should have made them as big as any of the 70s stars on Atlantic or Philly International! Titles include "Goodbye Love", "Friends Or Lovers", "Tom the Peeper", "Party Hardy People", "I Don't Want To Know What You Do To Me", "Still Waters", "It's The Same Old Story", and "Love's Got Your Mind". CD also features the bonus tracks "I Never Had A Love Like Yours", "A Whole Love Of Love Makin", and "It Takes Both Of Us"


01 Party Hardy People
02 I Don't Want To Know What You Do To Me
03 Still Water
04 Goodbye Love (We're Through)
05 Friends Or Lovers
06 It's The Same Old Story
07 You Don't Love Me Anyhow
08 Love's Got Your Mind
09 Bumpin' From The Middle
10 Tom The Peeper
11 Do You Feel It
12 I Never Had A Love Like Yours (Bonus Track)
13 It Takes Both Of Us (Bonus Track)
14 A Whole Lot Of Love Makin' (Bonus Track)