Cool Million - Back For More (2010) MP3/Flac

01. Sweet Baby (Featuring Meli'sa Morgan)
02. Back For More (Featuring Eugene Wilde)
03. Making Love (Featuring Jeniqua)
04. Sprinkle (Featuring Audio)
05. I See You (Featuring Peggi Blu)
06. Love The Beat (Featuring Laura Jackson)
07. Come To Me (Featuring Rena Scott)
08. Cool To Make A Million (Featuring Leroy Burgess)
09. Stay Close (Featuring Al Broomfield)
10. Magic (Featuring Jahah)
11. Loose (Featuring Eugene Wilde & Dee Dee Wilde)
12. Thought We Had It All (Featuring P.A.C.E.)
13. Just Dance (Featuring Noel McKoy)
14. Hurry Home (Featuring Yvonne Gage)
15. You Got Style (Featuring Clare Evers)
16. Back Together (Featuring Paul McInnes)