Orchestre Sossa,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1976 MP3/Flac


Formed around 1975 by Pierre Moutouari and his brother Michel.

Earlier he played in Orchestre Sinza with his other brother Kosmos

who was also a member of Les Bantous de la Capitale. Pierre

Moutouari moved on with his career in 1979 and went solo. Find

more on him at wiki .

The album also contains songs by Gabriel Dianzolo, Hyacinthe Malonga

and Gabriel Mienandi. Listen.


1 Maria na lembi 1

2 Maria na lembi 2

3 Telex ya ba Sossa 1

4 Telex ya ba Sossa 2

5 Bolingo clemence 1

6 Bolingo clemence 2

7 Giza sokola motema

8 Zonguela ngai