l'Afrique Danse - Various Artists,african 360.050, 1973 MP3/Flac


What a lot of great bands early seventies in Congo. I am posting

the music but am learning just as much as you folks. This collector

on african brings us more obscure artists from those days and although

I planned to make a move to a different African direction, you convinced me

to do another Congolese album today. The album starts with a sublime

track by Johnny Bokelo and his Orchestre Conga, sweet guitarsound,

and it ends with Franco's O.K. Jazz and 'Ou est le serieux?'. In between

quite a few names that are new to me too. Elegance Jazz, Surprise

Los Angel, Symba, Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa or Zembe-Zembe.

I didn't know one of them and they all perform beautifully. We are also very

lucky the LP is in mint condition and sounds as new. I found this one at

the fair with a load of brothers and sisters, only now I slowly discover what

a treasurebox I bumped into. Happy to be in the opportunity to share

so much delightful music with you, we're all lucky bastards here.


1 Orchestre Conga - Ngoya

2 Orchestre Elegance-Jazz - Ngalula Marthe

3 Orchestre Surprise Los Angel - Tata nkento

4 Orchestre Symba - Mibali ya simba

5 Orchestre Bella-Bella - Nzamba mokonzi

6 Orchestre Elegance-Jazz - Lisumu lisango

7 Orchestre l'International Afrisa - Aon-Aon

8 Orchestre Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa - Massamba M.J.

9 Orchestre TP Zembe-Zembe - Kenge No 3

10 Orchestre TP O.K. Jazz - Ou est le serieux?