Fats Waller - Complete Recordings vol. 6( 1930-1935 ), RCA Victor 1973 MP3/Flac


When I was a young boy, I listened to the music my parents used to play.

They were fond of old American jazz for instance and so I got to hear

this type of music. I guess it was the first contact with black music I had.

One of my heroes of those days is Fats Waller, being a viper today

I feel very familiar with his swing. The way he treats that old piano makes

me instantly happy. I've got a load of them jazz records and they itch.

Maybe it's a good idea to do some more jazz. Yesterdays post, although

downloaded over 200 times, didn't do what I expected. No single word.


1 St. Louis blues

2 After you've gone

3 A porter's lovesong to a chamber maid

4 I wish I were twins

5 I wish I were twins

6 Armful of sweetness

7 Georgia May

8 Then I'll be tired of you

9 Believe it beloved

10 I'm growing fonder of you

11 If it isn't love

12 Breakin' the ice

13 I'm a hundred per cent for you

14 I'm a hundred per cent for you

15 Baby Brown

16 Night wind