K.K.'s No 2 Band - Mmarima Mmra,Essiebons Enterprises Limited 1975 MP3/Flac


I can hardly say something useful about this LP.

The web doesn't give a lot of information and neither does

the sleeve. Sometimes, and I guess you must understand

what I mean, I think maybe it's best I don't understand a

word of any African language. I suppose, if you do, you

would not like half of the music you like today. As long as

you don't know what's been sung, you can't dislike it.

Of course I do not mean A.K. Yeboah or K. Mainoo,

the singers on this album, I'm almost sure these lyrics

breathe nothing but Ghanaian Rock and Roll.


1 Nsabarima

- Minim se nipa bewu a

- Apitsi nko kwa

- Wote pupuu a

- Ayen reku me

- Hwe nea owu aye

- Bo me dua ma menwu

2 Osee, Mmarima mra

3 Ebeto da

4 Mede me koma bema yehowa

5 Dantuo mu awose

6 Akwantuo mu wo amane