Irma Thomas - The Story Of My Life [1997] MP3/Flac

Release Date: Feb 11, 1997
Recording Date: Jul 1996-Aug 1996
The Story of My LIfe stands out among latter-day Irma Thomas albums not only because she gives a consistently excellent performance, but because the record boasts three new songs from Dan Penn, who wrote some of the greatest soul songs of the '60s. While his new songs ("Hold Me While I Cry," "I Count the Teardrops," "I Won't Cry for You") aren't quite as strong as his best, they are nevertheless wonderful contemporary soul numbers, and they help make the record, the remainder of which is comprised of covers and slightly weaker new numbers, one of Thomas' best latter-day albums.
CD covers included

Track list:

01.No Use Talkin'
02.The Story Of My Life
03.I Count The Teardrops
04.Cried Too Long
05.Love Don't Get No Better Than This
06.Hold Me While I Cry
07.I Won't Cry For You
08.We All Need Love
09.Get Here
10.Keep The Faith