HANK PENNY "THE BEST OF 1944-1947" MP3/Flac

alt01. Back Up A Little Bit
02. Sweet Talkin' Mama
03. When You Cry, You Cry Alone
04. Texas In My Soul
05. Hillbilly Jump
06. Big Fat Papa
07. I'm Gonna Change Things
08. Time Will Tell
09. Wildcat Mama
10. Steel Guitar Stomp
11. Hope You're Satisfied
12. Talkin' 'Bout You
13. Tearstains On Your Letter (Alt.)
14. Last Night (Remake)
15. Low Down Woman Blues
16. Why Didn't I Think Of That
17. My Inlaws Made An Outlaw Of Me
18. Red Hot Mama And Ice Cold Papa
19. Boogie Woogie Now (Alt.)
20. Penny Blows His Top
21. Missouri
22. Now Ain't That Glad Dear
23. I'm Singing The Blues
24. Get Yourself A Red Head
25. I'm Counting The Days
26. You Better Save It For A Rainy Day
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