Rumors of My Death, etc. MP3/Flac

So, I have been on a mental vacation.

I recently had an ultrasound on my heart, which revealed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, for the time being. That is good news. I've always had the suspicion that if I had a heart attack, it would probably be in a record store, and that my dying thoughts would probably revolve around which letters of the alphabet I had not yet visited that day. Hey, if you're going to be obsessive, you might as well be honest about it.

More than that, however, I would say that while I have not changed in any discernible physical way over the last few months, mentally I have undergone some major changes. All for the good, I should think. Rather than go into a very long winded discussion, I have called some of these mental concepts "aberrations" (with my tongue in my cheek, you understand) and I shall discuss them as time permits alongside some more usual musical posts.