All The Ettes You Can Handle MP3/Flac

The Bobbettes - The Dream.mp3
The Bronzettes - Baby, Don't Leave Me.mp3
The Bronzettes - Moments.mp3
The Cooperettes - Everythings Wrong.mp3
The Cooperettes - Shing A Ling.mp3
The Darlettes - Lost.mp3
The Darlettes - Sweet Kind Of Loneliness.mp3
The Diplomettes - My Intuition.mp3
The Du-Ettes - Every Beat Of My Heart.mp3
The Du-Ettes - Sugar Daddy.mp3
The Ebonettes - Just A Mistake.mp3
The Fabulettes - Try The Worryin' Way.mp3
The Fashionettes - Losin' Control.mp3
The Groovettes - Think it over baby.mp3
The Ikettes - Camel Walk.mp3
The Ikettes - I'm Blue (the gong gong song).mp3
The Ikettes - I'm So Thankful.mp3
The Jobettes - No Explanation.mp3
The Jobettes - What You Gonna Do.mp3
The Lornettes - His Way With The Girls.mp3
The Lovettes - I Need A Guy.mp3
The Lovettes - Little Miss Soul.mp3
The Mirettes - He's Alright With Me.mp3
The Mirettes - In The Midnight Hour.mp3
The Mirettes - Now That Ive Found You Baby (Mirwood).mp3
The Mirettes - Take Me For a Little While.mp3
The Mirettes - Your Kind Ain't No Good.mp3
The Persianettes - Call On Me.mp3
The Persianettes - I Want My Lovin' From You.mp3
The Persianettes - It Happens Everyday.mp3
The Persianettes - Run Run.mp3
The Raeletts - I Wanna (Do Everything For You).mp3
The Royalettes - Blue Summer.mp3
The Royalettes - I Want To Meet Him.mp3
The Royalettes - It's Gonna Take A Miracle.mp3
The Royalettes - You Bring Me Down.mp3
The Stylettes - Packing Up My Memories.mp3
The Versalettes - Don Juan In Town.mp3
The Vonettes - Touch My Heart.mp3
The Wonderettes - I Feel Strange.mp3
The Wonderettes - I Know The Meaning.mp3
The Wonderlettes - How Soon.mp3