alt01. She's Built Like A Great Big Fiddle
02. I've Got A Crow To Pick With You
03. We're Not The Hoosier Hot Shots
04. The Lavender Song
05. Blue Accordion Blues
06. She's Stopped Giving Everything Away
07. Turn Loose And Go To Town
08. What Did I Do?
09. Hot Tamale Pete
10. Too Many Times
11. Swinging With The Accordion Man
12. Laughing Song
13. Rubber Dolly
14. Hillbilly Fiddler
15. Rodeo Ann
16. I'm Gonna Die With A Broken Heart
17. I Ain't Got No Gal
18. Swat The love Bug
19. Slap It, Shake It
20. Drinkin' Blues
21. Shake Up Your Gourd Seeds
22. Jive And Smile
23. Swing It Drummer Man
24. Honky Tonk Rag
25. That's Right I Betcha
26. Don't Call Me Boy
27. I Ain't Got No Girl
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