Dhafer Youssef: Abu Nawas Rhapsody (2010) MP3/Flac

Dhafer Youssef new album Abu Nawas Rhapsody (Jazzland/ Universal) was released in February 2010 and features three exciting musicians: Tigran Hamasyan, the young Armenian shooting star on piano, Chris Jennings, a Canadian double bass player living in Paris, and New York drummer Mark Guiliana. On the new album we can hear Mark’s trademark combination of energetic rhythmic multiple layers with a sense of calm and serenity and Dhafer’s voice echoing the immensity of divine bliss.1. Sacre "The Wine Ode Suite"
This very special mix of musical elements and creative talent produces a soundscape that is new and original. With the musicians’ commitment to exploring and experimenting paired with their subtleness and courage to be silent, this is sure to catch the attentive ear of any listener.
1. Abu Nawas Rhapsody
2. Les Ondes Orientales alt
3. Khamsa "The Khamriyyat of Abu Nuwas"
4. Interl'oud
5. Odd Elegy
6. Ya Hobb "In The Name Of Love"
7. Shaouk
8. Shata "Shatahat"
9. Mudamatan "The Wine Ode Suite"
10. Sabaa "Hayastan Dance"
11. Sura
12. Profane "The Wine Ode Suite"
Abu Nawas Rhapsody
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