Mix By Dj Lord Dshay MP3/Flac

La Lista de Canciones es:
Yazzo - Don't go
Wilson Ferguson - I'm Singing again
Ventura - Another time
Rudy & Co. - Play the game
Ken Laszlo - Glasses man
Shangai - Ballerina
Koto - Visitors
Sex Shop Boys - Big tits
Sarah - Tokio town
Dj's Project - Vision of love
Time - Shaker shake
Bimbha - I love you
Max Covery - Bye Bye Baby
Coo Coo - Upside down
Boytronic - Don't let me down
Lady D - I'm yours tonight
The Flirts - Just another Kiss
English Boy & the Loveranch - Sex vigilant
Mozzart - Money
Swan - Shining star
Andy Romano - Run to love
People Like Us Ft Cindy Dickinson - Deliverance
Wish Key - Orient Express
Andy Romano - Ladies
Fantasy - He's number one
Shy Rose - Can you tell me why
Tony Caso - Motorcycle madness
Scala - Roma roma
Vivien Vee - Americano
R.S.V.P. - Cleopatra
Man 2 Man - Do you wanna funk
Sherry - On fire
Thomas & Schulbert - Crank it up
Reflectors - You drive me crazy
Suzy Q - Can't live whithout your love
Lisa Smith - Sweet Fantasy
Sophie - My world
Ken Laszlo - Everytime
Shah - Serenade
Tokio - You can't stop this game
Tina - Boom boom my heart
Dead or Alive - You spin me around
Marsha Raven - Catch me
Damian Davey - Sounds so fine
Robert Camero - Let me fall in love
Mike Mareen - Agent of liberty
Marce - I want you (spanish version)
Tyrans in Theraphy - Too tuf to cry
Max Him - Melanie
Modern Rocketry - Deeper and deeper
Modern Rocketry - No more tears
Special Touch - Check it out
Angie Gold - Eat you up
Tony Caso - Love attack
Saphir - I am alive
Sly & Hunter - No more vision
Modern Rocketry - I'm not your stepping stone
Marianna - Just One More Touch
Beach Front - Once in a lifetime
Tommy - One night
Heat X Change - Thunder and lighting
Ross - Buscame
September - Dancing in the moonlight
Tony Caso - Run to me
The Twins - Desert place
Gil de la Paz - I wanna live
The New York Models - Fashion
Yoh Yo ft Justine - The Main attraction
Tony Caso - All the love in my heart
Mr Black - Macho man
The Fat Heads - Calling all clubs
Tavares - She freak out
Viva - Don't turn your love away
Bent Passion - Love Obsession
Linda Imperial - Stranger
They Never Sleep - Bite the bullet
Rofo - Miss Liberty
People Like Us - Hiroshima
Brian Soares - Rock it down to the midnight
Wow - Bring on the men
Boytronic - You
Stacey Q - Insegurity
Splashgang - Spring time in italy
Boytronic - Trigger track