Garnett Silk - Silky Mood MP3/Flac

VP LP, 1995

A1) Let Them Talk
A2) So Divine
A3) Your Gonna Need Love
A4) Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
A5) Home Town
B1) Fill Us Up With Your Mercy (Belly Full)
B2) Let It Flow
B3) Stacy
B4) Cry Of My People
B5) Babylon Be Still

Backing vocals:
Spices & Peaches, Frankie Paul & Determine

Backing band: Steely & Clevie, Jazzwad, Mafia & Fluxy, Danny Brownie, Fire House Crew, Dean Fraser, Toney One Blood & Chris Meridith

Engineer: King Jammy, Fat Man & John John
Producer: King Jammy, Right Track, Top Ranks & Dennis Howard

Recorded at:
King Jammy's Recording Studio - Kingston, JA.