Ultra High Flamenko: UHF (2010) MP3/Flac

After developing the project live, the band Ultra High Flamenco presents its first album. And it does so at one of the key venues on the Madrid music scene for over two decades now, Sala Galileo Galilei. The context gives you an idea of the group’s attitude. The common denominator is flamenco, but tangentially. It’s the music which has gotten them in contact, all of them being accompanists of toque and cante figures such as Gerardo Núñez and Marina Heredia. But that neither determines them nor ties them down. It might be the grounding, due to the rhythmics, the toque and the cantaor streaks of the violin.
The proposal appears open and relaxed, on a base one hundred percent instrumental, following the footsteps of TrГ­o de Pardo, Benavent and Di Geraldo or of Son de la Frontera, but from another viewpoint. Guitar, contrabass, violin and percussions meet halfway between all of them, depending on their own lightly-sketched scores.
Although the layout of the concert hindered the creation of an ambience and the possibility of following its course, interrupted by persistent words of gratitude, private jokes and a showing of “the making of� the recording. Even so, it was above all the solos which the audience focused their attention on, especially that of the Mediterranean violin by Alexis Lefèvre in �Alexiada’ and that of the soleá �Taxdirt’ by José Quevedo. And now then, together they get across enjoyment, complicity, fluency in communication and a confidence that flamenco needs... even if it’s on the side. UHF reflects that something’s moving in the backstages.
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