Manu KatchГ©: Third Round (2010) MP3/Flac

Third ECM album by French-African drummer Manu KatchГ©, following the best selling 'Neighbourhood' and 'Playground'. 'Third Round' features a completely revised ensemble line-up, but is faithful to a group concept that The Guardian described as "beautifully mutated grooves and jazzy themes", with all participants elevated by the physical presence of KatchГ©'s beats and drum patterns.
Once again, all music is written by Manu, and his insinuating melodies testify to parallel lives in pop and jazz. The album was recorded in the South of France with producer Manfred Eicher.
A drummer renowned worldwide for his collaborations with pop singers from Sting and Peter Gabriel to Youssou N'Dour, Manu KatchГ© is seen regularly throughout Europe with his Arte channel jam music TV show "One Shot Not". He's a star of the first magnitude in France, and has also - since his affiliation with ECM began - become a force to be reckoned with in jazz. His ECM debut 'Neighbourhood' won the Album of the Year prize of the German record critics amongst many other awards. Additionally, his participation in Jan Garbarek's projects, including the widely-praised live album 'Dresden' has underscored the singularity of his drum approach.
Manu Katche - drums
Tore Brunborg - saxophones
Jason Rebello - piano & Fender Rhodes
Pino Palladino - bass
Jacob Young - guitars (on tracks 2, 6, 10)
Kamil Lyle - vocal (on track 9) & trumpet (on tracks 9, 10)
1. Swing Piece
2. Keep On Trippin'
3. Senses
4. Being Ben
5. Une larme dans ton sourire
6. Springtime Dancing
7. Out Take Number 9
8. Shine And Blue
9. Stay With You
10. Flower Skin
11. Urban Shadow
Third Roundalt
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