Linda Lewis - Woman Overboard 1977 MP3/Flac

Born in London, England. Linda's first steps in the entertainment business were made as a pre-teen actress. She had bit-parts in fashionable 60s films, Help and A Taste Of Honey. She quit acting and school to play in bands, and soon formed her own, White Rabbit. In 1967, she first achieved recognition in Europe with Ferris Wheel, before becoming a leading session singer in the early 70s.

1) You Came
2) Shining
3) Bonfire
4) Come Back And Finish What You Started
5) No. 1 Heartbreaker
6) Dreamer O Dreams
7) Moon And I
8) Light Years Away
9) My Love Is Here To Stay
10) My Friend The Sun
11) So Many Mysteries To Find