Dragan Dautovski Quartet: The Path of the Sun (2001) MP3/Flac

Dragan Dautovski (founder of Synthesis) Quartet is one of the very rare ensembles that are managing to present Macedonian folklore music on a very authentically and original way. Dragan Dautovski Quartet was created in July 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia. This band's basic inspiration is Macedonian music folklore idiom. From depth of the folklore, through the various contemporary music aesthetic elements and styles the goal is to create a synthesis of the traditional and modern. The authentic ambient is captured by traditional music instruments (kaval, pipe, tambura,)
Their music is a mixture of traditional and self-penned tunes and a mixture of folk, jazz, and a touch of rock. Outside his native Macedonia, multi-instrumentalist Dragan Dautovski is best known for his score to Milco Mancevski's film "Before the Rain." With a fulsome range of traditional Macedonian instruments, the newly arranged traditional songs combine the complexity typical of Macedonian rhythm and the emotional power typical of Macedonia's rich musical heritage.
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