Trilok Gurtu: Massical (2009) MP3/Flac

Recording by Davide Rondelli and Carlo Cantini at DIGITUBESTUDIO (Mantua/Italy) Summer 2008 Editing: Carlo Cantini
Mix & Mastering: Carlo Cantini & Trilok Gurtu at DIGITUBESTUDIO (Mantua/Italy) September 2008
1) Seven Notes To Heaven: We have seven notes at our disposal, the choice is ours, we can reach god with it. Realize that we sleep with these notes and wake up with them.
2) Bridges: I believe in making bridges not barriers. Music is ONE
3) Mumbai Shuffle: This rhythm and groove is the same in Africa where they like to enjoy music and dance is a major factor, they are only different geographically.
4) Havatight means air tight. In India when something is difficult to play they call it Havatight, but the beauty is making difficult things sound simple.
5) Dive In: Sarangi is a very old instrument from India and has a Quality of depth and potential. It is very vocal in its approach and appropriate to dive inside your own self.
6) Monk-e-desh: Similarity of Monk music with India which I love and respect
7) Kuruk Setra was a battle field where Lord Krishna advised realization about one's Self to Arjun, his disciple. The battle field is inside all of us, there has to be someone to show the way.
8) Pathri is a holy place for me and a temple of my spiritual master and great saint Siddharameshwar Maharaj. This piece is a gospel, thanking him.
9) Etnosur: A typical Bombay groove which I was brought up with, played during religious Festivals on the
streets. We find the same feel in North Africa
10) Massical: Making all kinds of music without categories to reach people (the MASS) who love music in daily life to get rid of names and drawers. Let music be as it is in its original form; it is a GREAT MEDIUM to create and make the human race closer to each other making the world a better place to live in.
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