Andreas Г–berg : Young Jazz Guitarist (2005) MP3/Flac

World wide acclaimed Swedish guitarist Andreas Г–berg was born in Stockholm on August 6, 1978. As a teenage Swedish tennis prodigy, Andreas Oberg had to make a tough decision of whether to continue his sport or pursue his true love, playing guitar. Fortunately, he chose the latter, and his agility and grace on the fret board have made him one of the most fluent young stylists playing today, further attested to in his performances alongside such musicians as Les Paul, Eros Ramazzotti, Barbara Hendricks and DJ QBERT. At 31, he has mastered many different styles of music, always enhanced with youthful, rock-driven vigor. At the age of 18, Andreas already had made a name for himself on the vibrant Swedish music scene. Performing with many of Sweden's top artists, he was also admitted to the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm.
Personnel: Andreas Oberg (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Marian Petrescu (grand piano); Jorgen Smeby (double bass); Robert Ikiz (drums).