John McLaughlin and 4th Dimension: To The One (2010) MP3/Flac

In 2007, guitar legend John McLaughlin formed a fresh new jazz fusion quartet called the 4th Dimension. This energetic group has served as McLaughlin's touring band ever since, and though they have released some material in various formats in the past, it's all been limited to strictly live recordings - until now. To The One (Abstract Logix) finally captures the raw, fiery sound of the 4th Dimension in the studio, in a compact, singular statement that features both stunning performances, and inspired compositions.
Joining McLaughlin in the 4th Dimension are Gary Husband on keyboards and drums, Mark Mondesir on drums, and the band's newest member - Etienne M'Bappe on bass. The strength of this group is not only their ability to push and support McLaughlin; it's also the obvious chemistry they have, and the easy band interplay that results from that familiarity. That group dynamic is key when comparing To The One with McLaughlin's other recent work. Take, for example, McLaughlin's two previous studio releases - Floating Point (2008) and Industrial Zen (2006). These were both excellent recordings featuring fantastic musicians and music, but they were really project albums, not band albums. To The One is a band album. There's a unified sound and focus to this disc that stems directly from the fact that you're hearing stage-honed musicians playing together, as a band, in the studio, with few overdubs.
01. Discovery
02. Special Beings
03. The Fine Line
04. Lost And Found
05. Recovery
06. To The One
John McLaughlin: Guitar
Etienne Mbappe: Bass
Gary Husband: Keyboards,Drums
Mark Mondesir: Drums
To The Onealt
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