The Manhattans - Live from South America (CD) 1999 MP3/Flac


Track List: Live[/b] from South America

  1. Good Enough
  2. I'll Never Find Another (Find An...
  3. We Never Danced To A Love Song
  4. It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
  5. There's No Good In Goodbye
  6. Am I Losing You
  7. Sara Smile
  8. I Kinda Miss You
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Slow Motion
  11. Send For Me
  12. Wish That You Were Mine
  1. Hurt
  2. Crazy
  3. There's No Me Without You
  4. When We Are Made As One
  5. Heaven
  6. One Life To LIVE
  7. Don't Take You Love From Me
  8. Love Don't Love Nobody
  9. End Of The Road
  10. Shining Star
  11. Kiss And Say Goodbye