The Twins And Rig Veeda - Boy Saves Hedgehog MP3/Flac

Not much info to be found on both bands but it seems that Gillian Elam founded Bi-Joopiter with Paul Rixon (McTell) of the Mctells. The Twins  was the duo of Paul Rixon and Gillian Elam. Rig Veeda  were the same plus David and Lesley. All play highly idiosyncratic rock in a skeletal, surrealist way. Boy Saves Hedgehog was released as a cassette by S.J. Organisation / Bi-Joopiter (S.J. ORG 020, none) in 1987.

  1. Say!
  2. Big And Mean
  3. Green Some
  4. Mess
  5. Sento
  6. You Mean Everything To Me (Waltzingtwins)
  7. By The Sea
  8. Humour Me Not
  9. Train Ride
  10. Roosvelts Golden Dream
  11. Jack
  12. Garbage Man
  13. Heavens Gate
  14. Happy Times

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