MUZ-S/T, LP, 1997, USA MP3/Flac

Continuing my posts of material by Vas Deferens Organization and it's satellites, here's the first solo outing by my bandmate Matt Castille under his Muz alias, this eponymous LP and it's two untitled side-long slabs of strangeness having emerged from the period during which the VDO And Christopher "Suspension" LP was recorded. Extending tendrils into zones only briefly tapped on that album and subtly underpinned by the snake-y and vaguely Mick Karn-like bass figures of David Fargason, this splits the difference between Suspension's kosmiche swarms and glaze-y vaporlocked atmospheric abstractions and the African Head Charge-like dub manipulations that have always emerged more from Matt's side of the picture, though all of it is notably enacted with an appreciably less frenzied and more meditative approach than other VDO work from this period.

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