Celi Bittsu - Matinda, Sacodis MP3/Flac


One of Europe's biggest recordfairs takes place in Utrecht twice

a year, this weekend is the next edition and I already had the

chance to pick a couple of gems from the enormous offer out there.

Go_here_to find_out_more. You can put it on English.

The first LP I want to share with you is this one, it hit me as soon as I

played it and recorded it straight away. I could not find any information

on Celi Bittsu on the web and ask you to fill me in on the subject.

Does the name concern a person or a group ?

It is released on the Sacodis label from Abidjan but the music sounds

Congolese, is it ? The language is quite certain Lingala, do you agree ?

A year of release maybe ? Track #3 is called after Sacodis' great producer

Aboudou Lassissi who did this album too of course. I am sure you're

gonna love this wonderful rarity, I certainly do, get it while you can.


1 Matinda

2 Consalation

3 Lassissi

4 Okomi ndenge