Ashanti Brothers Band - Kill me and Fly,Philips West African Records 1978 MP3/Flac



I was trying to find me some usefull information on this topic,

but Ashanti Brothers Band's album 'Kill me and Fly' seemed

( how about this word ) ungoogleable. The leader of the band's called

Osei Vasco, and that's really all I know. Being from 1978, I must

say, the vinyl is in very good condition and spins beautiful.

And then, the music, I have seldom heard such great highlife,

I'm very fund of this sound with warm vocal harmony

and hammond organ !


1 Kill me and fly

2 Onipa retu ne nan

3 Saa na yede beye wo

4 Asem bone se hiani

5 Gyae nkonta buo yi

6 Kusa wo bankye

7 Me wu a mo bebre