altVerve, 1966

2-Samba Triste
3-Mimosa and Me
4-Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
5-Such a Lonely Girl Am I
6-A Big Beautiful Ball
7-Let's Begin
8-I Wonder What's the Matter With Me
9-If You Could See Me Now
10-Mountain Greenery
11-You Really Started Something
12-TheWorld Is Your Balloon

Wonderfully groovy work from the team of Jackie Cain & Roy Kral -- a set that has the pair moving into much hipper modes for the 60s, and really taking off from the greatness of earlier records! Backing is still by Roy's core trio, with acoustic piano at the lead -- but the addition of electric bass to the lineup really helps the tunes step along nicely -- hitting a groove not heard before from Jackie & Roy, with results that are completely sublime! There's a definite bossa influence that comes into some of the best tracks -- a skipping, lilting approach to rhythm that's made even better by the unique dual vocals of the team, especially when they're singing wordlessly.