alt1. The Cooler by Mark Isham
2. Better Life Motel/Tables On Fire by Mark Isham
3. Candy by Rebecca Kyler Downs
4. Bernie Faces Shelly/Trumpet Melody by Mark Isham
5. Shangri-La by Mark Isham
6. Luck Be A Lady by Bobby Caldwell
7. Amateurs by Mark Isham
8. Can I Steal A Little Love by Joey Fatone
9. Look In My Eyes by Mark Isham
10. I'll String Along With You by Diana Krall
11. Heartbroken by Mark Isham
12. My Funny Valentine by Tierney Sutton
13. Almost Like Being In Love by Nick D'Egidio
14. Leaving Las Vegas by Mark Isham

First-time director Wayne Kramer's indie feature about a hapless Vegas casino employee whose preternatural bad luck turns him into a professional "cooler" for gambling patrons whose own fortunes are soaring features an outstanding ensemble cast and this jazzy, evocative score by Mark Isham. While the composer isn't opposed to employing the occasional Vegas--and R&B--musical clichГ© to good effect, his cues here are largely mature and span a surprising range of emotional moods. Seasoning Isham's compelling, introspective instrumentals are a handful of expected Vegas milieu standards (Bobby Caldwell's buoyant "Luck Be A Lady"), elegant performances by Diana Krall ("I'll String Along With You") and Tierney Sutton (a smoky "My Funny Valentine") and a few surprises: co-stars Paul Sorvino and Joey Fatone crooning their way through "You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me" and "Can I Steal A Little Love," respectively, with energetic aplomb. No matter how you deal it, it's a winning musical hand. --Jerry McCulley